Where to start when figuring out your first big trip

Posted on March 23, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Im trying to plan a trip to Europe in October/November and Im just stuck. Ive never planned a trip this big or this far away and I was hoping to get some advice from the more experienced travelers on here. So we (2 of us) will be flying out from Australia in the last week of September and flying to London. We are doing a tour of Western Europe for 18 days and then finishing in London again. Now here is the hard part: trying to plan 2 weeks after that for traveling up through England and Scotland and then on to Norway. At the moment 2 weeks is a rough estimate for how much time we will have for these last three countries. We are trying to keep the costs down considering that the exchange rate is utter shit and the flights themselves are a huge chunk of money.

We have Norway pretty much settled. We want to go to Oslo, Bergen and Tromso (hopefully to see the northern lights). In these last two weeks we will be staying in air bnbs since it is cheaper, and also probably trying to make our own food when we can. Has anyone got any ideas for England and Scotland? Ive been trying to research places to go but the problem is limited time and also some of the more interesting places are a bit out of the way and we cant drive. We would have about $5000 (AU) for the last two weeks. This is for accommodation, travel, etc.

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