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Hello, Ive booked a trip to Melbourne to see a friend at the end of Feb – mid March.

Ill be staying with her for 5 days, then Ive got about 7/8 days to myself.

Me: female, travelling solo, 30s, keen on meeting people / social, dont mind staying in budget places but Im not really on a strict budget. Given the time frame, happy to fly around.

The kicker: Ive already seen a lot of Australia – particularly WA from Exmouth to Esperance, Adelaide, Darwin (Kakadu etc) Ive done the standard Great Ocean Road, East coast usual spots, up to Cairns, Alice Springs, gone inland a bit here and there, and have stayed in Sydney a few times before. Would be good to do something different / new. Have been considering: a tour somewhere (helps to meet people), good weather (rules out Tasmania), a quiet beach, yoga, horseriding / treks. Not adverse to leaving Oz and flying back in time for my return flight. I havent been to: the Blue Mountains, or seen much around Sydney / NSW, but dont know how I could fill a week there.

Research: Ive looked into going over to Samoa / Cook Islands but journey time is an issue coming back – but Im not adverse to leaving the country for a week if its direct and flying back to Melb. That said, Ive already been to NZ and Fiji too.

So, with 7 days to play with, Id be open to any ideas you might have.

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