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Hey guys! Im new here…

So basically, Im a 20 year old engineering student living in Australia, who got accepted for a mobility program scholarship to study at a German university for 2 weeks on on the 3rd – 17th of July.

I have AT LEAST between 25 June – 3rd July (where I need to be back in Germany) to travel Europe. Then I have 17th July – 1st August to travel Europe once again.


I have a $2000 grant given to me, which will be utilised. Apparently the cost of return plane tickets from Perth Aus <–> Germany is ~$1800 but I have to check again…
Basically my parents are paying most of the expenses… So food will have to be relatively cheap, cost of living minimal, etc. Do not count any living costs of my Germany program as thats all counted for.

I have, 2 years ago, been to Hamburg in Germany, Spain (Barcelona Madrid, Seville), Portugal, Paris France… So preferably not there again… Places that come to mind are Northern Europe such as Sweden (Summer time Sweden is apparently amazing!!!) and Italy… So I was thinking of doing one time allotment around the Italy southern Europe side, and the rest of the time in the North European time… Obviously the time allotments as described above are different in length of time so I need to consider where I want to be more… But basically, on a relatively low budget, where would you recommend I go ? Id appreciate reasoning, Im interested in seeing the world, and having been blessed to see so much of it at such a young age already I want to keep seeing more… Food and all is great, scenery especially… Just the whole package really haha.

Thanks for reading!

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