How much would it cost to travel the world for a year (NOT including Europe or North America)

Posted on January 30, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Im sure this question gets asked a lot but I just need a ballpark figure so I know how much to save over the next couple years. Ive already seen most of Europe/North America and have the rest of my life to see it. What I really want to see South America, Africa, Asia, and if I still have money New Zealand and Australia. I dont think its reasonable to see every country but I think Ill pass by ones that interest me the most. Is this too short time to see all these places?

A little background. Im completely fine with hostels, dont mind taking buses to travel to different countries nearby as long as its under 12 hours or so (exceptions can be made for interesting detours or significant cost savings), can eat anything, and Canadian male with a South Asian background. For simplicitys sake, lets consider it in US costs (hopefully Canadian dollar goes up, hah). I have a good job now and really want to travel while Im young and able bodied after I get my professional engineering license

Bonus question for Canadians. Should I be concerned about anything while travelling for a year? Will my citizenship or Ontario health be compromised (I was born in Canada)? What about my TFSAs and RRSPs? Basically what I really want to know is do I have to come back to Canada within that year to keep my accounts/citizenship as the status quo?

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