Traveling to Sydney in early August for the first time

Posted on May 24, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

I am going to Sydney, Australia during at least the 4-7, I might arrive during the last few days of July but have not scheduled the flight yet. I have never been on a plane, or even been out of the country in my life and the first thing tomorrow I will be renewing my passport. Currently I am not sure what my housing situation is as I dont know who I will be staying with. I am mostly interested in preparing to travel there like if I need a visa or any other things that allow me to enter the country. I want to enjoy as many things as possible with the free time I may have. I looked up the weather and it is winter in Australia during this time so it seems that beaches would be out of the question. So if there are things that must when visiting Sydney ideas would be great as the next time I could go wont be for years. Also a question is getting around the city. I have Verizon and I saw the prices for data, messages, and calls and know I can not afford them. Hopefully the places I stay will have Wi-Fi so I could communicate with either people I will be rooming with and family. Is there a cheap way to be able to have a smart phone with data temporarily while I am there? I dont want to get lost alone, but there is a likely chance I will be leaving with someone but I want to be as prepared as possible. Lastly the plane ride. I am from Northern Virginia so this will be a gruesome plane ride as this will be my first. I know and understand the facts of safety on airplanes, but being in a plane for 20 hours makes me squirm. I am not sure the plane will have free Wi-Fi as I dont know what airline I will be taking so I have to prepare for entertainment but still. Thank you for reading and any assistance, tips, or ideas would be appreciated. If you need any other details I will be more than glad to provide.

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