I’d love your insight on my travel plans and questions

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Hey guys, Id really appreciate your insight on my travelling plans as Ive never really done this before! (cross posted to r/solotravel)

Important considerations:

solo 21F (any safety tips?)
Budget for travelling between $10-20k CAD depending on how long I travel
Prefer to travel as cheaply as possible, even if this means cutting time short in major tourist areas, e.g. Paris, London (Ive already been there and did not love it), Amsterdam
Plan on starting in SEA in Sep, heading to Australia/NZ in Jan/Feb, Europe in April to ensure the best weather Preference for hostels to meet others
Interested in sightseeing, hiking, trying new food, photography (less emphasis on partying and shopping)

The Plan

After I graduate, Im planning on travelling for anywhere between 6 months and a year. I want to do SEA, Australia/NZ, and Europe. There seems to be a consensus that the ideal amount of time spent in each SEA country is about 3 weeks, or at least that 2 weeks is not enough. I kind of want to go to all the countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore) so Id probably end up doing about 4-5 months there. I havent done too much research on Australia/NZ, but Im thinking 2 months for both will be adequate. Europe is a whole other ballgame–part of me wants to visit all of the countries but part of me knows that its unrealistic. I want to spend about 4-6 months in the area, depending on your insight.

Since this is my first time travelling solo and I will have just graduated, Im in the whole "the world is my oyster" phase. I want to see everything. And Im afraid that this will end up with me not being able to truly appreciate any individual country.

My Questions:

Is it better to do one area at a time in terms of enhancing my experience? I.e. Just SEA, just Australia/NZ, just Europe?
If you had to pick 15 European countries to visit, which ones would they be and how long would you spend in each one?
Since it is my first time travelling solo, is this "too much"?
Is my budget realistic?
Is there anything else I am missing? Anything else I should take into consideration?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your responses.

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